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About Mexican Belts

Mexican belts and belt buckles are a great way to accessorize your western wear. Today you can find a large variety of leather belts in nearly every style. In addition, many can be found with exotic leathers like caiman, crocodile, ostrich, water snake, lizard, and eel. From western symbols, flags, the Virgin Mary, flowers, horses, bulls, to even real scrorpians, you can find the right style for your taste.

Mexican Belts History

Mexican belts have long been a part of the colorful Western traditions. From the original vaqueros to modern day western wear, much of the style and culture comes from Mexico. Belt buckles often had a ranch brand mark or other symbol. Mexico is a central point of belt design, production, and manufacturing because of the rich vaquero history through the country. Buckles for belts have long been a popular Western and Mexican tradition.

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Top Mexican Belt Brands

El General
Tony Lama
Radical Boots
Botas Cuevas
Botines Cuevas
Dan Post
Western Chief
Old Gringo
Los Altos

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